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Miloro Logistics

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Miloro Logistics is a brand you can trust, a brand that goes the extra mile to ensure quality standards are met and customer satisfaction is upheld.
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Who we are

We are more than a service provider, We are a company built upon integrity, ethics and honesty.

Miloro Logistics is the brain-child of Mr. Thengwayo who was employed by Linde Material Handling. Mr. Gugulethu Thengwayo has identified a niche in providing out-service logistics in the specialized delivery of fork-lifts. The company has a major client in Linde Material Handling and the sole service provider initially for Gauteng and all other nine provinces.


We are an entity established in the transport sector primarily as a strategic and relevant black empowerment service provider.



Accomplished Entrepreneur and Owner of Miloro Logistics



Wonder Thengwayo


The man behind it all

About us


Miloro Logistic’s vision is to be the specialized transportation service provider in the niche area and their mission is to:


     -Provide high-quality services.

     -Provide a value-for-money logistical solution

     -Add value through being trustworthy and reliable.


Rather make a decision today than a perfect decision when it is too late. All great leaders have one thing in common (decisiveness) they have the courage to take an unpopular decision when faced with difficult choices. Every decision involves risk.


At times the risk is so great that many avoid making a decision due to the fear of failure. Ironically, procrastination often results in a greater loss than a faulty decision. Indecisiveness leads to missed deadlines, demotivated staff, project paralysis, loss of quality and possible financial disaster.


Indecisiveness, procrastination, and risk avoidance are the greatest obstacles on your path to success. Take the bull by the horns. Be decisive.




Words of Wisdom - Wonder Thengwayo